See photos of Jenny and Danny as kids, teens and as they grew up into adults. See them before they knew who each-other were!
The who, where, what and all the other details about the big day!

Read their stories, how they met, how they got engaged and where they came from.

Here's your opportunity to give advice to the happy couple. Tell them how they should live their lives, tell them how you've managed to stay married for so long and know all of the answers to life!

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 June 19, 2004
 Let the Festivities Begin! The whirlwind of parties begins with...
 March 11, 2004
On a mountain top in Los Angeles, California Jenny says "Yes!" and the engagement has begun.
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Ever wonder where Daniel spent his Spring Break in 1993? Ever think about the object Jenny couldn't survive without at sleep away camp? Do you know how Jenny and Daniel met? See how you score on the, So You Thought You Knew Us, Trivia quiz.

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