Jenny & Danny


            Danny was such a cute little boy. Check out for yourself!
With her beautiful baby blues, Jenny was a great baby.       Danny spent the 80's growing up.
The early years, Jenny performs, and grabs everyone's heart.       Danny's Bar Mitzvah
Michael's Bar Mitzvah       Danny, the high school years...
Jenny takes to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah.       Throughout childhood, Danny spent much time with the MGs.
Michael goes away to college.       In '87, Bubbie took Danny to Hawaii
            A high school trip to Israel
Jenny with her Nan       Danny, the college years...
            After a summer at NASA, Danny ventures to Chile for some observing
Jenny, the High School years.       Danny, the college years...
            On a whim, Danny moved to Chicago for three years.
Jenny goes to college and makes a big splash.       A cross country driving trip with Bic and some hijinx.
            Long distance wedding... a trip to India
Jenny, the actress performing all over.       The summer Olympic games of 1996 in Atlanta
Jenny the teacher with her students.       Danny returned to Israel in '96 and also went to Egypt!
            Done in Chi-Town, Danny moves back to NYC
Jenny moves to New York City.       The South Pacific beckons, Danny makes his first trip to Australia & New Zealand.
            Halloween '97.... no explanation necessary
Jenny... the showgirl!       Danny's birthday '98 - begins with snowboarding in VT....
            .... and continues in London!
Michael gets married.       Summer '98, the Flaxes descend upon Epcot.
            Danny runs the '98 NYC Marathon.
Jenny goes to work at Toys R Us.       The New Zealand trip which led to the book...
            A return to the Olympics. Danny joins Getter in Sydney for the 2000 summer games
Aunt Jenny with nephew Max.       Warren and Chio tie the knot (again)...
      Cousin Wendy gets married, J&D are in-the-house.      
      A new years trip to Ecuador leads to much fun!      
      The first of a two part series, Danny and Jenny go to Tampa      
      A weekend in LA.... and their Engagement!      
      The moment of truth... the parents meet for the 1st time.      
      A trip to Colorado... will she ski or snowboard?      
      A work function in black tie!      
2004 (c) Copyright Jenny and Danny All rights reserved. Yadda yadda yadda.