A Modern Fairytale

Once upon a time there lived a New York City girl named Jenny. Jenny lived in a fun neighborhood called Hell's Kitchen, where she kept herself busy with great friends, a cool job, and a fantastic family. Jenny truly enjoyed her life, but hadn't yet found the man of her dreams, someone with whom she could laugh and share life's adventures.

Once upon the same time there lived a New York City boy named Daniel. Daniel lived in an equally fun, yet different neighborhood called Gramercy Park, where he kept himself busy with great friends, a unique job, and a terrific family as well. Daniel also enjoyed his life, but hadn't yet found the right girl.

Enter the Internet... this is after all a modern fairytale.

After some gentle encouragement from their respective moms and friends, Jenny and Daniel went pointing and clicking on the information superhighway. Daniel emailed Jenny and she responded in kind. Their dates were packed with fun: the US Open tennis, a walk around the Columbia campus (Daniel's alma mater), a trip to Fire Island. Many more interesting dates (the philharmonic, the Toys R Us Holiday Parade and the NY Public Library to name a few) and a few adventurous trips (who knew that a New Years trip to Quito would land us in Bogota for a night!?) and each knew this was truly something special.

And since this is a fairytale, Daniel had a conversation with Jenny's dad over bagels and then surpised Jenny while on a trip to California with a most romantic marriage proposal. Jenny said "yes"... several times in fact and they will be married on September 4, 2004!

and then, of course, will live happily ever after!


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2004 (c) Copyright Jenny and Danny All rights reserved. Yadda yadda yadda.