Danny's Questions

1: Where did Daniel got to College?

Columbia University
Faber College
University of Hawaii
That school where Apu was an assistant professor

2: Where did Danny go for Spring Break his Senior Year in College?

Disney World
Nowhere. He studied the whole time
Reno, NV - where he stayed in the Corleone Compound

3: What did Danny call his maternal Grandmother?

Honorable Grandmother
Noo Noo
Old Lady

4: What genetic condition prevents Danny from picking his suits out?

He's stupid
He's male
He's color-blind
He prefers under-roos!

5: Where did Daniel ride a camel?

Back and forth to school as a child
In India, while visiting for Anuj and Neelu's wedding
Across the Delaware, re-enacting George Washington's crossing
In Tampa with Jenny at the crazy Strawberry festival

6: What sport did Daniel play most in school?

Dodge-ball (joined the pro-circuit for 2 years after high school)

7: Daniel has written:

A how-to manual for fixing sno-cone machines
A grossly sweet romantic novel
A travel adventure book about a trip to New Zealand
A note in class that got him detention

Jenny's Questions

8: The name of the ship on which Jenny performed was

The Good Ship Lollipop
The Neptune
The Royal Viking Sun
The Millennium Falcon

9: What did Jenny study at the University of Wisconsin?

The Virtues of Cheese
Brett Favre
English Eduation with a Music/Theatre minor
Cow Tipping

10: What job has Jenny NOT done?

Toy Demonstrator
Dancer (NO, not that kind of dancer)
High School English Teacher
Rhino trainer

11: Jenny taught which of the following to preschoolers on the Upper East Side?

The importance of the perfect shade of lip gloss
How to make foie gras
Tax evasion
Music & Art

12: What object did Jenny forget at home when she went to sleep away camp and pleaded with her parents to drive 3.5 hours to bring it to her? (Thanks Mom & Dad…)

Her sneakers
Her special “blankie”
Her crash helmet
Her pet iguana

13: Jenny’s brother Michael had many nicknames for Jenny growing up. Which is Jenny’s favorite?

Cookiehead Johnson
All of the above

Jenny & Danny Questions

14: One of their early dates was to the finals of this

The US National Cockfighting Championships
The US Open Tennis tournament
The NCAA National Ballroom Dance Competition
American Idol

15: Where did Jenny and Danny get stuck on their way back from Ecuador?

The back seat of the plane... (hubba hubba)
Bogota, Colombia
in the middle with you...
At the center of the Earth

16: On one of their early dates, Jenny gave Daniel a toy that he loved playing with as a child. Was it…?

A My-First-Stihl chain-saw juggling kit
A set of Ginsu knives
A bottle of Clorox
Capsela - A Construction Toy

17: Daniel emailed Jenny using a website called:


18: Daniel and Jenny frequently send each other morning messages. They are usually in the form of:

Smoke signals
Morse Code
Sign Language
Emailed Limericks or Haikus

19: Last year at Daniel’s Halloween Bash, Jenny and Daniel came dressed as:

A Cowgirl and Willy Wonka
Shirley and Squiggy
Wilma and Fred Flintstone
Carmela and Tony Soprano

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